The “Culture of Willing”

Over the years, we have developed great relationships within our professional network.   Tom Deans is no exception. We’ve had the pleasure of working with him over the years, from his first best-selling book, ‘Every Family’s Business, to his recent success, ‘Willing Wisdom’.   The book guides the audience on how to have the right conversations by [...]

Don’t Leave the Bat on Your Shoulder- Business Owners Scoring on IPP’s

'Living the Dream' For those that do not know me that well, I love sports.   Last year, I had an opportunity to live out a dream of mine, which was to play an actual baseball game at the Skydome (now Rogers Centre). Growing up, players imagined hitting a game winning home run and I [...]

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Family Meetings – The Key to Having Harmony in a Family Business

Equal Does Not Always Mean Fair In our experience, when it comes to succession planning for a family business, parents have a tendency to treat children equally. We’ve found that equal doesn’t always mean fair. The difference between equal and fair can sometimes lead to the demise of the family business. In our previous [...]

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Succession Planning is a Journey – Not a Destination

Having specialized in family business succession planning for more than 30 years now, I've come to learn that many business owners are confused by most of the information that is currently available. It seems to provide them with more questions than answers. Here's what I mean. When they go searching online, they are typically looking [...]

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