Over the years, we have developed great relationships within our professional network.   Tom Deans is no exception.

We’ve had the pleasure of working with him over the years, from his first best-selling book, ‘Every Family’s Business, to his recent success, ‘Willing Wisdom’.   The book guides the audience on how to have the right conversations by sharing seven inspiring questions that have guided the successful transfer of family wealth and wisdom over three generations.

One excerpt from the book discusses the ‘Culture of Willing’.   This concept really hits home the need to have open dialogue with family members in regards to estate planning.   Providing the ‘gift of no surprises’ in our will should be one of our main intentions for our beneficiaries.

Process drives my business and I encourage you to have the same approach with your own affairs.   We should all strive to make the greatest family project, the deployment of our wealth, a collaborative one. However, as we had mentioned in the past regarding family meetings, the emotional element that is part of one’s family dynamics can derail the best of intentions.

To consider the emotional struggles when dealing with mortality and your estate, Tom introduces his logic behind sharing family history. The ability to have the entire family look introspectively back at their history before moving forward shows how the concept of wealth generation varies from one generation to the next. This allows the family to focus on what their forebears sacrificed to provide opportunities for others, and the next generation forward.

Knowing what we need to do is one thing, how we do it is another challenge. Through Tom’s experience, he has designed a tool that will help with such a discussion.

We are proud to partner with him on his latest launch of the ‘Willing Wisdom Index™’.   This estate planning tool will kickstart your own process by providing a comprehensive report that will highlight the considerations and potential gaps to your Estate Plan.

Using the index will ensure your professional advisors understand what is important to you and to engage in an effective dialogue for your Estate Plan.

If you like more information, please visit our site for more details about the Willing Wisdom Index™.