What Do I Have To Do Now To Ensure A Fully Funded Retirement With No Compromise In Lifestyle?

For most family business owners, transferring management and ownership happens when they’re ready for retirement.

Is the lifestyle you enjoy now, more or less grand than the one you envision in retirement? Maybe you’ll want to tour the world or buy a vacation property.

Whether or not you’ll be able to afford this, and for how long, requires a balancing act between income and expenses.

That’s why Cash Flow Management is a critical component of our succession planning process.

It starts with your end goal for retirement funding in mind – Specifically, how much money are you going to need to enjoy the retirement lifestyle you envision?

We calculate your realistic revenue generating expectations from all sources (including realistic assumptions for inflation, rate of return and currency exchange rates) between now and retirement.  We also consider strategies for reducing taxation as a way of maximizing income generation potential for you and your business over this period of time.

The difference between your income earning potential and your retirement funding end goal is the amount you’ll have available to manage your expenses.

For some people, going through this process is a wake-up call. They realize that unless they change their behavioural patterns around spending now, they’ll have no hope of living their desired lifestyle in retirement.

We’ll help you figure all that out before it’s too late

Let’s Talk About Succession Planning for Your Business Before It’s Too Late.

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