Is It Time To Add A Succession Specialist To Your Team?

If you are an accountant or a lawyer for a family business, you have undoubtedly become a trusted advisor to your client. They look to you for help in making the right decisions to grow, manage and protect the wealth they are building within their companies.

For day-to-day operational issues, you likely have all the answers for all of their questions.

But do you feel comfortable in your abiltiy to provide expert advice when it comes to aligning their business and personal goals?

Are you able to put together a holistic plan for what they should be doing now in order to grow and protect their wealth with the endgame of transitioning the management and ownership of their business and ensuring a comfortable retirement lifestyle?

This is where we can really help you add value to your client relationship. As succession specialists, we’ve “been there and done that” with more than 175 family business owners over the years.

As a member of your team, we’ll take the time to understand your client, not just on a professional level, but on a personal level too. We’ll help them think beyond the day-to-day operation of their business to how they want the future to be for them and their family.

Once the endgame is agreed upon, we’ll create a custom plan for getting them there and identify when and how you’ll need to be involved to help them make it happen.

The end result is an expanded service offering to your client, and a strengthening of your current relationship.

Let’s Talk About Partnering to Provide Greater Satisfaction and Value to Your Family Business Clients.

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