Estate Planning Tool – Willing Wisdom Index™

For clients and professional services alike, the growing need to understand family dynamics is a necessity for estate planning purposes.   With Tom Deans’ Willing Wisdom Index™, we are introducing an invaluable tool that reveals estate planning gaps in as little as 9 minutes. What the client receives is a detailed and customized report that will bridge estate needs and identify areas of opportunities for your legal team to review and update a client’s legal documents in an efficient manner. Some points to consider:

      1. 137 million North American adults do not have a will. This is not good, especially when you consider that we are now leaving more wealth than ever before – $2 billion per day in the US and $205 million per day in Canada. It’s not cost that’s preventing people from moving forward with their estate plans – wills have been a race to the bottom in terms of quality and price.  It should come as no surprise that estate litigation remains one the fastest growing areas of the law.
      2. It’s clear that financial advisors are the key to inspiring family conversations about aging, late-in-life care and well-considered, well-communicated estate plans. The Willing Wisdom Index™ was created as a wedge tool to help advisors begin conversations with HNW individuals over the age of 50. The conversations focus on estate plans and the gaps revealed by the Willing Wisdom Index.™ Most of all, the Willing Wisdom Index™ was created as a predictive tool that evokes curiosity, interest and conversation around a subject that many advisors and clients find difficult to discuss.
      3. Adding real value to client relationships means educating clients in areas of their financial life that are emotionally complex and technically confusing. And there is no area of personal finance more complex, confusing and neglected than estate planning (the 137 million people without wills are living proof). In an era of automated investing, estate planning remains the single most overlooked opportunity for advisors to add value to client relationships. So, we’ve made it easier and more engaging.

The video clip below will explain more about the Willing Wisdom Index.  If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

As a client’s professional advisor, the benefits are:

  • an objective report that is tailored and customized to your client’s responses
  • an added document to help reinforce the ‘know your client’ methodology
  • cost savings to your client as your firm would not be administering the process
  • time savings for your firm as a result of the detailed report when reviewing legal documents

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