What Estate Planning Strategies Will Minimize Taxation and Maximize the Legacy I Can Leave Behind to The People or Causes I Care Most About?

If you have intentions of passing on your business to a family member, we would review the financial pros and cons of both a share sale versus an asset sale.

If you are concerned about the costs of business succession and unforeseen events, we might consider creation of a Business Will.

If you are looking to reduce potential costs and taxes upon death, we might recommend the use of charitable donations/planned giving and insurance products.

And, if you are concerned about whether your final wishes will be followed, we would investigate strategies that may include Family Trusts, Executor services , Will planning and Powers of Attorney.

For whatever strategies we determine best suit your situation, we’ll act as quarterback with your legal advisor and accountant as required to ensure that your desired outcome is ultimately achieved.

Let’s Talk About Succession Planning for Your Business Before It’s Too Late.

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